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Learn Programming; Fun & Easy Way

posted 24 Jun 2013, 08:24 by Learn Create Yourself   [ updated 27 Jun 2013, 04:24 ]
It's almost a year since we launched this website.  The world may have changed but it's not visible in local attitudes.  Same old; same old ...

The good news is that the number of high quality online educational resources is on the rise.  2012 was the year of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).  MOOC offerings are on the rise with more competing platforms (edX, Coursera, Venture-lab, Udacity etc.) showing up to serve global audience.  Some of them even offer college credit (for a price).

Getting back to our locality, the news is still grim in terms of purposeful education.  "Poor English, computer skills make graduates unemployable" - Times of India. 

Our notes from last year is still valid and you may want to read through that in the post below.

If you would like to memorize 20 line C programs for the sake of passing the first year engineering exam you can go through the class notes.  If you would rather learn how to program but you are confused about the details, we suggest that you learn how to program using a visual programming language initially.  You can switch over to C or Java later depending on what is required by the college / university you join.

Scratch is one option.  CS10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing is an undergrad course from University of California at Berkeley that you can follow online.    When you finish your second year of engineering, you should be comfortable with every idea presented in this NPTEL 'Programming and Data Structures' course.

If you want general orientation or specific guidance to start on the right foot contact us.