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New Engineering Students

posted 20 Aug 2012, 21:35 by Learn Create Yourself   [ updated 24 Oct 2012, 07:15 ]
Congratulations! You decided to join an engineering college.  ALL THE BEST.  Hopefully you will be done with counseling in few short weeks and you will be on a college campus by mid September.

We are conducting awareness sessions on 'Computer Usage & Open Course Ware' for prospective engineering students that you may want to attend to realize the benefits of free online courses.  If you are waiting to join a college to learn some subjects we would like to show you that you can get started even before you join a college and see what interests you.

While you are busy with counseling, we would like to share some realistic scenarios related to engineering degree.  Yes, institutions and their reputation still matter.  However you need to be clear on how they matter.  Campus placements are only part of early career options and there are questions around some placement schemes.   If you are eager to learn, your branch in engineering does not matter.  You will succeed and there are enough opportunities in every field.

Irrespective of the branch you take in engineering, majority of the students are entering the computer software industry.  Cloud computing (including virtualization and software as a service) and applications for mobile phone are couple of the fastest growing sectors.  Most of the new jobs will be created in these sectors.  Domain knowledge is ignored these days in the early days of career.  If you have knowledge about a specific domain, say civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering, and you have computer software development knowledge on top of that core engineering skill set, you will have better career options in future.

Our awareness sessions are about Computer Usage - specifically how any student can use free/open software to learn on their own using Open Course Ware - high quality courses from the best universities in the world including our own IITs.  The IIITs in Andhra Pradesh are founded on some of these principles where every student is given a laptop and they are expected to learn on their own most of the time.

To learn more browse the roadmaps section on this site.  If you would like to see live demonstration of free software and course material along with general tips on how you can improve your skills (including English vocabulary and usage) please sign up for one of the awareness sessions offered in Eluru town (click on the date below for the form to sign up  or  request for a special group session if you can gather 10 students who are interested).

Date: 30th August 2012
Location: ELURU, West Godavari