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What is Open Course Ware?

An OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials ..."  Refer to

List of OpenCourseWare sites:
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What is MOOC?

Massive Open On-line Course.,, are some of the platforms / sites that offer MOOCs.  What is a MOoOC - Massive Open 'ongoing' On-line Course (e.g. Designing a New Learning Environment where I might continue to learn though I finished this course in Fall 2012).  Is MOOC, OCW 2.0?  What would 3.0 be - cannot wait to see!


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Learn.Think.Do.  Higher Education for Free.    A 21st Century University.  Udacity is a digital university with the mission to democratize education. University-level education can be both high-quality and low cost (what cost when it is said to be free :)  You might even get a job offer from an interested employer if you finish at the top of a class.

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The Future of Online Education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, University of Texas System, Georgetown and other universities are offering free courses on - another MOOC platform competing with 

CS50 (Introduction to Computer Science) from Harvard is no longer available directly on and it is now on edX as CS50x and you can even get a certificate for free if you finish this course before April 2013.

Academic Earth

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Free online classes and online learning tools.  Also has links to universities that offer degree programs online that are not free.  However the range seems to be limited for online degree programs.

Free course content covers wide range of disciplines from a lot different sources (including top universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale and also independent academic initiatives like Khan Academy and Open Culture).  You will find interesting courses in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Social Science, Art & Design etc.

Also has some links to test (SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.) preparation content.


posted 6 Aug 2012, 11:13 by Learn Create Yourself   [ updated 20 Aug 2012, 09:52 ]   The World's Best Courses. On-line, for Free. Courses are from different universities in a variety of disciplines. You might even get a certificate or statement of accomplishment for some courses.  You are encouraged to list a completed course on your resume.  Unlike other free/libre/open course ware you can take these courses only when they are offered. 

Hear from one of the founders of this site on why they are doing this.

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