College years provide a lot of time and opportunities to learn a wide variety of technical and non-technical skills. Most of the students start preparing seriously in the final year as it becomes necessary at that time to make decisions about higher studies or a career. Students and their families spend money in the final year or after graduation by taking intensive coaching or special training classes. This eleventh hour effort yields poor results relatively.  Either this behavior or other reasons are the cause of low quality of education in engineering colleges and this has been a hot topic in the news.  We hope to change that.

Why not discover and use traditional resources used for generations starting from the first year of college?

How about self-paced learning through college years using high quality educational resources from world renowned institutions; available for free over the internet (open course-ware)?

For those who are serious about their future beyond college and who would like to understand the choices, here is a unique opportunity:

We are a small group of academically accomplished individuals with ECE background and software engineering experience (20+ years of combined service in USA in the engineering teams of companies like Autodesk, Cisco, F5 Networks, and Tellabs). Our goal is to mentor engineering students in the non-metro areas by providing information, resources and guiding them to get the best out of college education.

  • No, this is not a tuition class for engineering courses.

  • Nor this is coaching for a specific computer programming language / platform.

  • Also this is not a short term program with placement guarantee.

We offer awareness sessions on specific topics once in a while:

  1. Using a computer like a software professional rather than a consumer

  2. Discovering and using open course-ware from universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UIUC, and CMU

  3. English vocabulary and usage

We realize that the hardest part is the use of these resources alone from the first year of college unless a given individual is highly motivated. Based on our personal experience we believe that the best way to complement self-learning is to self-assess in a peer group that is competitive in a healthy way. Hence we plan to provide a professional environment where small groups with similar goals can interact and learn from each other. This would be a 3 year program starting typically in the middle of the first year of college and you would get:

  • Access to a private library with books that may not be present in colleges

  • Access to mentors from the industry

  • Access to a professional environment with others like you where you can practice your English speaking skills and computer programming skills (No, this is not a job)

  • Access to internships during holidays (starting from the second year)

  • Access to professional assessment with detailed and constructive feedback

We welcome non-CSE majors with a future goal of entering software industry as we can provide special support for them in learning some of the programming skills using open course-ware.

Nanda Kishor V.

  S. G. Srinivas