Future is Computing

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 Nanda Kishor V.

  Date: 5th April, 2014
  Venue: J.K. Gardens, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India
 Topic Details:
 Trends in "Computing" and its use in various fields including biology, astronomy etc. Reiteration of 'Visual Programming' approach to introduce computer programming to high school students using integrated approach of taking computing problems from their current textbooks in Maths, Sciences, and Humanities.

Gaining Experience - 10,000 Hours

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 Speaker:  Nanda Kishor V.
 Date: 24th Nov, 2013
 Venue:  IIIT, Nuzividu Campus
 Topic Details: For final year CSE and ECE students. Shattering few technology myths and thinking like an engineer about technology rather than an awe struck consumer.  Career advice. Gaining experience while being an intern or even as a student on campus by following professional methods in any projects they may do on campus.  How people become successful at an young age by gaining 10,000 hours of experience sooner than others around them (theme based on the chapter titled "10,000 hour rule" from the book, "Outliers; The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell).

Keynote Address at Student Chapter of IE(I)

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Speaker: Nanda Kishor V.
Date: 3rd Jan, 2013
Venue:  Institution of Engineers (India) Student Chapter, Sir C. R. R. Engineering College, Eluru, A.P.
Topic Details:Engineering Education and Profession.  Technology Trends and Future - including High Paying Jobs Perspective.

Guest Lectures on Virtual Computing and Hardware Specs

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 Speaker: Nanda Kishor V.
 Date: 28th Aug, 2012
 Venue:  Usha Rama College of Engineering and Technology, Telaprolu, A.P.
 Topic Details:For CSE students: Virtual Computing. Demo of VMware and Virtual Box using Live GNU/Linux ISO images on MS Windows host laptop.  Demo of Live GNU/Linux on USB Stick.
For ECE students: Computer hardware, analysis of specs of a typical consumer laptop / desktop and what should one pay for - speed of CPU or something else (i.e. what's the most useful hardware spec these days).

Introduction to Scratch

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 SpeakerNanda Kishor V.
 Dates:3rd - 5th July, 2012
 Venue:Sri Gowthami Smart School, Rajahmundry
 Topic Details:
Computer technology review and outlook.  What could high school students learn on computers and about computers.  Safe usage of internet. And the main topic - introduction to visual programming using Scratch from MIT.

Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of Wireless Communications

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Speaker:Dr. Pramod Viswanath
Date:20th July, 2012
Venue:Ramachandra College of Engineering, Eluru
 Topic Details:Co-author of a text book by the same title gives introduction to wireless communications in an interactive lecture.

Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing

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Speaker:Nanda Kishor V.
Date:6th July, 2012
Venue: Ramachandra College of Engineering, Eluru
Topic Details:Cloud Computing -'elasticity' of computing resources, current status and trends, constituent technologies including hardware virtualization, software as a service.


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