You can view/download an old article written by us on being a professional user of computers.  Most of the information in this article is either highlighted in awareness camps or in specific roadmaps

There are a number of specialized roles in the software industry and some of these may not even be advertised.  The most common roles are developer and tester.  Both of these roles require the knowledge of how software is built.  Software development life cycle is usually taught in some courses in college.  Also programming in some language is a requirement for most of the degrees.

Building and testing software are not usually covered in college courses to the extent required by the software industry.  Here is a dated but well written article on software testing and you should be familiar with all the ideas mentioned in this article.  Here are some software testing tutorials that you can go over sequentially to learn some of these ideas. If you would like to be a professional software tester, here are some tips.

See how comfortable you are in building software.  Whether you are aspiring to be a developer or a tester you should know the types of programming errors and try to minimize them.

Language should not be a barrier. If you have difficulty in following what is on this site and elsewhere in English, here is a well written article from Eenadu (in the Chaduvu section) on skills useful in software industry: