"When we are young

Wandering the face of the Earth

Wondering what our dreams might be worth

Learning that we're only immortal

For a limited time

We travel on the road to adventure ..."

- Dreamline, RUSH

The following roadmaps (Intermediate/Advanced/Professional ones will be under construction for months) are generic and they can be used by anyone (engineering or degree student or someone who has a specific interest and wants to learn more). There are 1000s of good resources online and our goal is not to add all of them to these roadmaps. When we feel that a given resource is better than what we provided in a roadmap, we will update the roadmap for the benefit of people who are starting afresh.

For the benefit of students who are in their first two years of curriculum in non-metro engineering and other degree colleges, we created two special roadmaps -

Use these before browsing the rest of this site so that you have better orientation.

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